A window valance can be a little bit of fabric that does a big job. It hangs across the top of a window, adding softness, color, and pattern to a hard architectural element. Purely decorative, a valance helps establish a room's style.

Denver Drape Window Treatment Valance

Perfect Window Valance for Every Room

At its most basic, valances include a slip of fabric that can be attached to a rod with clip rings. This type of addition allows for vast customization, which means whether you prefer modern styles, or even more traditional looks, this can be a fantastic option for your home.

For a more modern look, consider a minimalist curtain valance. You can choose something simple, with a straight edge, and with tons of color choices and fabric types, you can choose what works best in your modern living space. You’ll be able to soften your windows, without losing the style that you love.

Denver Window Treatment Valance

Denver Drapery Valance Treatment

On the other hand, if traditional décor is more on your wavelength, valances can still fit into your home in an elegant way. Choose a style that incorporates pleats, or even ruffles to match the rest of your home. Valances give you the opportunity to add extra style to your home, and but won’t block your entire window from allowing natural light into any room.

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