FAQ's: Arched Blinds and Angled Blinds

Are Blind Corners & Curves Arched and Angled Blinds Fully Operable?

Yes! Virtually every window covering we fabricate for arched and angled blinds will be fully operable on a specialty shaped window.

Is BCC Arched And Angled Blinds the only company that makes the fully operable blinds for arched and angled windows?

The specialty shaped window coverings we fabricate are exclusive to our company. Within our product line we have patented and exclusive products which are not produced outside of our company. Since 1998, Blind Corners & Curves has led the industry in producing fully moveable window coverings for almost any size or shape of challenging window shape including arches and trapezoids.

Do you offer Virtual Appointments?

Most of our customers start by scheduling a Virtual Appointment where we can look at the windows together to help determine the best options. We can look at the full range of options during a virtual appointment.

Can I email to get a quote?

The best way is to email specialtyshapes@bccblinds.com. It is helpful to include a sketch of the windows with rough sizes for the quote. Photos are also helpful. We will typically have quotes returned within approximately two business days.

What information do you need for a quotation?

We need a drawing with the basic shape of the window, the width at the widest point, and the height at the longest point. If you have a product, color and style, let us know. If you are not certain, we can provide pricing based upon our most popular materials.

How long has Blind Corners & Curves been fabricating blinds for arched and angled windows?

For more than twenty years, Blind Corners & Curves has been recognized as the industry leader in specialty shape window coverings. We ship to all locations throughout North America and have been fabricating for arched and angled windows since 1998.

Can I operate my arched and angled window blinds using smart home technology such as Alexa, Google Home, an iPad or smart phone?

All of our angled and arched blinds are compatible with Alexa, Google Home, iPads, iPhones, smart phones and other smart home technology.

Do you ship to my location?

We have shipped our arched and angled blind products throughout North America since 1998.

Do you have installation professionals in my area?

A window coverings professional will help to ensure a highly satisfying experience. Let us know and we can put you in touch with e professionals in your area.

Are the specialty shaped blinds affordable?

Each blind is custom fabricated, and we understand that cost is an important consideration. Specialty shape blinds will be higher in cost than many standard rectangular window blinds, and will help solve problems that will greatly enhance a living environment. For more than two decades we have helped provide solutions for challenging windows for thousands of highly satisfied customers across North America.

How is pricing determined?

The cost of a specialty shaped blind will depend upon overall size, shape, and material selection. Most of our customers start by scheduling a virtual appointment. You can also start by emailing us a drawing with the basic shape of the window, the width at the widest point, and the height at the longest point. If you have a product, color and style, let us know. If you are not certain, we can provide pricing based upon our most popular materials.

Where is the motor in an angled or arched blind?

The motor is located inside the headrail of the shade. The battery pack is installed directly behind the blind. Most blinds will use commonly available batteries such as AA batteries.

How long will batteries last in a motorized blind?

Batteries will typically last for about one year, and can last longer. This will depend upon size the blind, use, and other factors.

Are Arched and Angled blinds easy to install? Will I need to hire a professional installer?

Arched or angled blinds will typically take a bit longer to install than standard rectangular shades, but are not overly complicated to install.

What is the average time for fabrication once an order is placed?

Production times for specialty shape windows will vary. Most will be produced in a timeframe of approximately 6 to10 weeks depending upon the type of application and current production times. All timeframes are from the time we receive a final order with measurements. Tmeframes are subject to change.

What is the most popular type of blind for arches and angles?

Honeycomb materials, also known as cellular materials, are by far the most popular style. These materials are available in a wide variety of colors and styles that include both light filtering and blackout options.

What is the reason honeycomb or cellular material is the most requested?

Honeycomb is simply the best for heat gain and heat loss, UV protection, and general light control. Honeycomb materials allow us to fabricate for most sizes and shapes of window. Additionally, this material is low profile and tight compressing which opens up the architectural detail of the window when not in use.

Are blackout / room-darkening / opaque options available?

Yes, blackout blinds are available for arches and angles. Keep in mind that there will be light strikes which occur around the edges of the window, and this will be more visually pronounced with a blackout material. We tend to suggest a blackout only when required. A light filtering or semi-opaque material tends to be the most pleasing for aesthetic purposes.

Are bottom rolling screen shades an option?

We do fabricate arched and angled blinds in a bottom rolling screen shade application. With this type of application there will be a large roller tube assembly at the base of the opening as well as hardware required at the top of the opening. All hardware will require finish trim carpentry following the installation of the shade. Characteristics of a bottom rolling screen shade include draw cords that are visible when shade is retracted and wrinkling of the material when deployed. An openness of 1% or greater is required. Blackout and translucent materials are not available in a bottom rolling screen shade. This type of application is generally best suited for commercial settings.

Are manually operated blinds available?

Motorization is the most popular option for specialty shaped windows. For smaller window sizes of less than approximately 60 inches wide or 60 inches long, manually operated blinds are an option.

If a window is higher off of the ground, will I need to motorize the shade?

Motorized shades are generally suggested for windows that are higher off the ground or otherwise hard to reach windows. When a manual shade is desired, remember to specify a longer draw cord length when ordering.

What type of motors do you work with for Arched and Angled shades?

Motors for arches and angles are compatible with Hunter Douglas, Somfy, Lutron, Crestron and most other leading motor and home automation systems. Alexa, Google Home and other smart home and smart phone devices are all compatible with our arched and angled blind products.

Do you suggest an inside mount when installing the specialty shaped blinds?

Yes, specialty shaped blinds are generally designed to be installed as an inside mount. If your windows do not allow for an inside mount, we will request photos for review of best options.

What mounting depth is needed for the inside mount?

The minimum depth is one inch. A window depth of approximately 3 3/8 inches provides for a fully recessed installation for most applications. If you have a depth shallower than one inch, please send photos for review.

What if I have window cranks or hardware?

Both arched and angled blinds will require a free and clear landing area such as a window sill. If you have a window that does not have a smooth sill, or if you have window cranks or hardware, please send photos for review.

What is the warranty?

We provide a five-year warranty which is on the blind as well as the motor. If you ever have a problem with a shade outside of this five-year period, please let us know as we will want to help.

What is the favorite tag line for Blind Corners & Curves?

We have always been partial to “Serious Blinds for Funny Shaped Windows!” But we also like “Odd-Shaped Windows can be a Pain in the Glass”. Or, “We’ve got every angled covered”.