Swag curtains are soft treatments that offer a variety of options to compliment any décor. This style of drapery creates a type of framed look for a window, and many homeowners love this whimsical style of window covering. It also can work to cover hardware from your drapes, making it a great choice if you’re looking something simple.

Denver Swag Drapery

Curtain Swag for Your Unique Home

Curtain swag styles can be designed as formal, gathered, or casual and unstructured. This means that no matter what design preferences you have within your home, we have a type of top treatment to fit your needs.

Swag curtains are a great way to add not a only a finishing touch to a room, but also a stylistic, decorative aspect to an otherwise blank area of your home. Windows are beautiful for natural light, but when you want privacy, draperies are the perfect solution, and one of the most beautiful.

Whether you’re looking to add swag draperies throughout your home, or just in a couple of areas, Blind Corners and Curves can help you find the perfect custom options to fit your needs. When you choose to work with a custom window coverings company, you have the ability to truly get what you’ve been searching for to complete your look with this option, and many others!

Denver Swag Drapery with Side PanelsDenver Window Treatment with Top SwagDenver Drape with Swag and Sheers

Swag Curtains with Blind Corners and Curves

If you would like more information on curtain swag options, give us a call or send an email today. Our experts are happy to show you our vast selection of fabric choices to compliment this charming style, and complete the look of your living space!

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