Cornice boards are structures in place at the top of draperies that cover the rod and any hardware. With tons of great fabric choices and styles to choose from, you’ll be able to completely personalize this addition to fit your unique home perfectly.

Denver Cornice Top Window Treatment

Why Choose a Cornice Valance?

Cornice valances are sometimes considered frumpy, but with all the options that you have at your disposal when you choose Blind Corners and Curves, this addition to draperies can actually become a beautiful, stylistic choice for any home.

When it comes to fabric cornices, the customization options are truly endless. You’ll be able to choose from a straight, modern cornice board, or options with a bit of curvature to add a charming aspect. The fabric selections are vast, and you can even add pleating or other features for flare.

Because our company provides the largest custom drapery showroom in the Denver area, you can count on finding a cornice that you really love. Going custom means that you’ll never have to settle for pieces that only fit some of your stylistic needs throughout your home, but will instead get exactly what you’ve always wanted.

Denver Cornice Top Treatment

Denver Top Window Treatment Cornice

Denver Window Treatment Drapery Cornice

Cornice Boards with Blind Corners and Curves

If you love the look and feel of cornices, let our experts take you through the vast opportunities to use them in your home. We can help you narrow down the best, most effective options for your home, and your one-of-a-kind style. Contact us today to see how draperies with a cornice can give your home the finishing touch you’ve been searching for!

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